Training Programs

We are often approached by small businesses who need help executing a social media, email, or pay per click campaign.  Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to hire outside help.  So, we created a series of Training Programs to give you the knowledge and tools you need to successfully execute marketing internally. 

Training and coaching offered in 3 tiers.

Marketing 101:  Group session, held monthly.  How to capture and retain new customers/patients. 

2-hour class.  $199 per person. 

Offered monthly.  View schedule and class information. 


Marketing 201:  Follow up to 101 class, this is a one-on-one session where our creative and experienced CMO works with your marketing manager to develop a marketing and creative strategy for your business.  This will include a content strategy and annual content and marketing planning calendar.

Two 4-hour sessions. 

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Marketing 301:  On-going monthly coaching calls to plan, consult, and brainstorm marketing initiatives with your marketing manager.  Available to those who have completed the Marketing 201 session.  Together we can create great results! 



Would you rather take all the marketing off your plate?  Check out our Outsourced CMO services.