Things To Do In Norwell, Massachusetts

Summer Fest

Norwell Summer Fest was founded in 2014 by Kristen Jervey and Kera Kirchner, both avid volunteers in and around town. The highly successful festival includes live music, artisan shopping, delicious food, attractions, and much more. The heart of Norwell is transformed into blocks of color and filled with music, festivities, the aroma of delicious summer food, and the warm community spirit of Norwell. Funding is entirely provided through donations, both private and corporate sponsorship, and at least 200 volunteers will be necessary. The event has only celebrated 3 years so far, but it is usually celebrated on June 1st, and many local artists are featured. The artists offer a large variety of unique and skillfully handcrafted merchandise in many different product arees, including: home décor, art, jewelry, fashion and accessories, herbals, pet accessories, children’s toys, and more. An event definitely to attend if you’re in Norwell during the summer months. 

The South Shore Natural Science Center

The South Shore Natural Science Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about the natural and cultural environments of the South Shore. Their mission is to provide natural science experiences that educate, excite, and commit every generation to preserve the environment and to encourage responsible use, stewardship and enjoyment of their natural resources. It is located on 200 acres of town conservation/recreation land consisting of meadows, woodland, and a pond. The EcoZone is an interactive museum featuring live native animals, owl exhibits, the Children’s Garden, and 6 interpretive trails on the property as well. Over 55,000 visitors visit the South Shore Natural Science Center every year. The best part about this place is the fact that admission is only $5, for both kids and adults. Members and kids under 2 get in free. Definitely one of the great places to visit when in Norwell, MA.

Hornstra Farms

Hornstra Farms is a family owned and operated business that was started in 1915 by Anske and Agnes Hornstra and their 6 children, who immigrated from Holland in 1912. The first dairy farm was in Hingham, MA. and since then 4 generations have continued the tradition. In 2009, they moved to Norwell when John and Lauren Hornstra bought the Loring farm and rebuilt it entirely. In 2013 the first bottles of Hornstra’s own farm fresh milk rolled out of the new Norwell dairy. Since then, several other products have been added to their offerings including handcrafted ice creams and farm churned butters. In 2014, they opened their Farm Store and seasonal Ice Cream Dairy Bar on the Norwell property, allowing them to share their love for farming as well as a piece of their heritage with visitors. Today, they offer tours and field trips for students, and their refrigerated trucks visit local neighborhoods once a week in Norwell, delivering farm fresh dairy products and other specialty products right to their customers’ doors. On their farm, their herd of red and white Holsteins graze and exercise in the pasture every day, and are fed a total mixed ration that includes hay, grain, and corn silage, and are given no artificial hormones. Come see everything involved in the process from start to finish, at Hornstra Farms today.