Things to consider before hiring a part-time marketing director

partnershipCommunication is key. We can’t read minds. Precise, specific feedback and communication is essential to the success of your marketing. Timely response is also of integral importance to the execution. If it’s not a priority to you, it can’t be a priority to us.
Trust. Once you hire us, we are a member of your team, working for you. There has to be trust between parties. You have to be willing to shift your mindset from “marketing people are out to fill their pockets” to “my marketing director is out to fill my pockets”.
Be willing to give up some control. We’re the marketing experts. Be open to new ideas. You hired us to bring new ideas to you, and take the marketing off your plate. Let us do that for you!
Be committed. This is not a quick fix. There will be a 2-3 month learning curve that we have to climb together. Once we pass that, give the program 9-12 months to gain momentum, once we have that we will bare lasting results. Our goal is for you to find us worth every penny and wonder how you ever lived without us!
Personality Counts! Just like in your business, make sure personalities match up. This is a close, long-term relationship. Make sure you are matched with a person you like, as well as respect.