The Town Of Marshfield, MA. – History And Business

Town History 

Plymouth County is home to the Boston suburb called Marshfield. The name “Marshfield” comes from the multiple salt and brackish marshes that border the town, which is on the South Shore of Massachusetts. It has a population of 25,754, has 31.74 square miles and is located 29 miles southeast of Boston. It was an early pilgrim town and was founded as a separate settlement area in 1632 by a man named Edward Winslow, who later became the Governor of Plymouth County. In addition to being the Governor, he was also a negotiator to the Native Americans, an author, and a cattle farmer, and he established the first church as well as the first school in the town. The town still retains much of its historical character in its many quaint villages.

Marshfield Today

Today Marshfield is booming, with some of the leading industries in their commercial districts being education, healthcare, automotive, finance, manufacturing, construction and retail trade. Their education system is above average, with some of the greatest top-rated schools in the United States. The high school graduation rate is 95%, with the overwhelming majority of students being proficient in math and reading. Other facts in Marshfield, MA. are things like 80% of the population owns their own home, as opposed to just 20% who are renting. As to the ages of their residents, 17% is the highest with ages 45-54 and 65+ each getting that percentage, and 55-64 gets 16%, so the majority of residents are considered to be mature, or senior citizens. Overall, Marshfield is one of the better places to live and raise a family in America today. 

Downtown Marshfield’s Shops At Ocean’s Gate

Downtown Marshfield, MA. business districts are thriving, with recent developments such as the Shops At Ocean’s Gate on Ocean Street. Developer Diamond Sinacori, LLC has changed the face of downtown completely with this relatively new development totaling 40,000 square feet of retail space. Shops such as Domino’s, Mattress Firm, K-Katies-Rest, Sweet Frog Yogurt, Verizon Wireless, Elizabeth Grady, Get In Shape For Women, LuxeSmile, Station 8 Rest, Studio Salon Suites, Buddy’s Pet Grooming and Cycle Town currently reside here. Space for more restaurant, service, and office use is still available. The new shopping center offers an up-scale, dual storefront, strong national and regional chain mix located on several acres in the heart of downtown and is easily accessible by car from the many neighboring South Shore towns. This development has changed the image of this beautiful oceanfront community to more adequately reflect its citizens, as the old shops here were derelict and neglected for quite some time. The designers have also remembered Marshfield’s history and the traditional New England charm that has been part of its architectural legacy since its incorporation in 1640. The new buildings are “an aggregation of connected individual structures that look as if they had developed and evolved over time within an architectural vocabulary that can best be described as seaside colonial”, and Marshfield residents seem pleased.