Terrific Eating And Shopping In Pembroke, MA.

Great Restaurants In Pembroke, MA.

There are some terrific restaurants in Pembroke, MA., and depending on what you’re hungry for, there’s a restaurant that can satisfy your appetite. So here are a few suggestions if you’re having trouble choosing. If you’re in the mood for American food, the Alumni Sports Cafe has fantastic food like great pizza, burgers and tantalizing buffalo chicken wings. Another really cool thing about the Alumni is that it’s also a popular neighborhood sports bar, so overall it’s perfect for entire families or just adult fun. If you love seafood, then try the Oysters Bar & Grille. Located at the Marshfield Marina, the service there is impeccable and the food is perfectly prepared every time. There is a bar that is also excellent, with a superb bartender and staff, all the way around. And if you’re in the mood for Italian food, try a restaurant called Orta. Although the reviews are fairly mixed, especially about slow service, overall they have a 4 out of 5 rating and are rated #6 out of 23 restaurants in Pembroke, MA. One other restaurant worth mentioning is Disch’s Route 53 Tavern, the #2 rated restaurant in Pembroke. They have a mix of traditional American food, seafood and even Italian choices, but all have terrific reviews, including the bar and the staff, for service. When in Pembroke, MA., try one of these amazing restaurants!

Amazing Shopping In Pembroke, MA.

The town of Pembroke, MA. is small, and shopping places that are amazing are hard to find gems. One of these incredible shops is called Christmas Tree Shops andThat!, a unique and wonderful treasure of a seasonal gift shop, and more. Their mission is to surprise, inspire and delight you at every turn! Originally opening in Yarmouthport, MA. in the 1950s, in 2003 Christmas Tree Shops became part of the Bed Bath & Beyond family, a housewares and home furnishings retailer that shared its core values. New stores were opened with either the “andThat!” (to communicate their expanded selection) or as this one; Christmas Tree Shops andThat! as the name. They’re known for their one-of-a-kind items at real-value prices, and definitely worth a visit. Another great gift shop in Pembroke is called Hafta Havit, who offers “a large selection of unique art, home decor, antiques, women’s accessories and wonderful gift items for all occasions that will warm your heart and touch your soul.” They also have a section by a local Dorchester, Massachusetts artist named Robert Porcello who, coincidentally, is the owner of Hafta Havit. A definite must-see, as he is a talented artist indeed. Last but not least is called Kindred Spirit, a gift shop whose mission is to “share our passion for gifts with a sense of humor and a sense of gratitude.” On their website, you can shop by category, by occasion or by recipient, and they even host parties and special events. Their gifts are unique and many of them feature local artists. All of these gems deserve a peek, when shopping in Pembroke, MA.!