Bring Cohesion to your marketing, track specific KPIs and achieve a higher ROI

through a strategic and well-executed marketing strategy. 


To Managers, Owners, and Hiring Managers:

Most fast-track growth companies hit a point where owners and management have their hands in everything, and it’s getting to be too much. Capital is being reinvested into the business. Everyone on board is essential to keep the machine running. It’s time to expand personnel, increase sales, and put together a strategic marketing plan with quantifiable results. It’s time to make smart moves and remain nimble. We know where you’re at! 


Our Fractional CMO solution provides a full team of marketing experts lead by your dedicated CMO, who will set up and manage a multi-channel marketing strategy.  This outsourced team approach costs a fraction of what you would pay to even one (likely inexperienced) marketing person on a monthly basis.  If COVID taught us anything, it’s that an organization can benefit from being Lean and Mean

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To Marketing Directors:

We’ve seen it many times – the workload is increasing but bandwidth is not.  Your department is stretched thin. It’s getting harder to think proactively, manage vendors, and go the extra mile with creative marketing initiatives.

LEAN on US to add bandwidth to your marketing department!

  • One primary contact
  • White-labeled service – We have been called a “secret weapon” by Nationally known hospitals, Regional medical groups, and some impressive local companies.
  • Full Transparency
  • Flat monthly fee
  • We can make you look like a Rock Star!

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