A typical nonprofit runs very lean.  By definition, money is for the cause, not the bottom line.  This poses several challenges:



  • Staff is lean

  • Bandwidth is thin

  • Marketing dollars are minimal

  • Small staff supported by volunteers can result in a disjointed effort

  • Fund-raising is essential


How do you effectively fund-raise and raise awareness with limited resources?  Bootstrap that business!  Shoestring marketing!  Cause Marketing!  Whatever you call it, we know how to do it. 

Our outsourced marketing solution provides your nonprofit organization with not just one consultant, but a full team to strategize, organize, and execute on your marketing needs.   We do this for a fraction of the cost of even one full-time employee. Here’s an example – Case Study.

Services we provide for nonprofit organizations include:

  • Database configuration
  • CRM building
  • Editorial content calendar for use in blogs, newsletters, and social media to raise awareness, inform donors, and solicit new donors
  • Event marketing
  • Advertising


  • Video Production

Our partners at Viamark Video launched Creative For A Cause in 2020.


Creative For A Cause is on a mission:

To tell compelling video stories that move people and motivate the masses to take action.


Video is a key component of a successful nonprofit marketing strategy, and we are fortunate to have some of the best in the business working for our clients.

Learn more about Creative for a Cause.