Having Fun At The Beach In Marshfield MA

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts or as it’s commonly known, Massachusetts, is one of the most interesting states in the United States. It’s the largest state in terms of population in the New England region. The state has many big cities with rich histories and fun amenities but Marshfield is exceptional. Marshfield MA was home to Native Americans like the Wampanoag Tribe of the Algonquin nation and the Massachusetts Tribe for thousands of years. That is until the first pilgrim settlers arrived in the early 1600s. The city has grown steadily since then and it had a population of more than 25,000 people at the 2010 census. Marshfield is located in the South Shore in Massachusetts. The city is a popular tourist destination, who are mainly attracted by its fun beaches. There are many fun things that you can do on the beaches in Marshfield MA and also in the Atlantic Ocean or in the three rivers that run through the city. Let us look at some of the fun activities that you can engage in the beaches in Marshfield MA.

Rexhame Beach

Rexhame Beach is one of the finest beaches in Marshfield MA. The beautiful sandy beach is located on Standish Street just after leaving Ocean Street. The Atlantic Ocean is on one side of its dunes while the South River runs on the other side.  The Marshfield is accessible by the public while the Scituate side is private and not open to the public. Trails are leading to high dunes before reaching the Atlantic Ocean. You can launch a paddleboard, kayak, or canoe on the Rexhame sand dunes at the South River. Rexhame Beach has many amenities including a snack bar, picnic tables, bathrooms, lifeguards, and a basketball court. You have to pay for parking, which means that there is a parking attendant nearby. In addition to all the fun water activities that you will enjoy at Rexhame beach, you can also see some small wildlife in the dunes including Eastern cottontail rabbits and red and grey foxes. The beach is also perfect for fishing and you can catch striped bass any day.

Green Harbor Beach

Green Harbor Beach is located on Beach Street & Bay Avenue in Marshfield MA. The beach has a long wooden boardwalk, which connects to Duxbury Beach. This is a popular spot for tourists during the summer months. Visitors have to pay for parking and residents must have a parking sticker. There are lifeguards on the beach. There are many fun activities that you can do in Green Harbor Beach including swimming, fishing, and engaging in various water sports.

Fishing Charters

One of the best ways to enjoy the Ocean in Marshfield MA is to go on a fishing trip. There are several charter services at the beach. The two most popular charters are Black Rose Fishing Charters and Big Fish Charters. With over 30 years of charter fishing experience, Big Fish Charters promises exciting fishing adventures including fishing for tuna, halibut, shark, cod, monkfish, striped bass, bluefish, pollack, haddock, wolfish, and many more. Black Rose Fishing specializes in small private charters of 1 to 4 people. They also have open boats for mixed groups. Black Rose Fishing operates from many ports in Marshfield and the neighboring cities and they fish black sea bass, tuna, haddock, cod, porgy (scup), stripers/blues, sharks, etc.