The simplest answer is that social media allows you to have an active conversation with your customers. What an opportunity!  It’s your platform to share information, and the customer will have access to it on their terms

Here’s how we describe each platform.

Facebook is like having a conversation with your biggest fans.

Instagram is like showing your biggest fans your most prized photos.

Twitter is like standing on a corner and shouting to anyone who is within earshot, but whatever you shout then hangs out there like a speech bubble, because it stays up on your Twitter profile.

Snapchat is like standing on a corner and shouting to anyone who is within earshot. But it goes away in 24 hours. And the many of the people listening are under 30 years old.


If you want to ignore social media because you don’t use it personally, or you just don’t have time to deal with it, that’s a mistake.  Don’t. Ignore. It.

Here are some ways you should be using social media for your business, we’ll focus on Facebook and Instagram:

  • Retail: gather and share reviews, show off new inventory, trends, new products – Use images! Invite fans to sales events, and promote other members of your community


  • Healthcare: distribute information, recommendations, and announcements, gather and share patient reviews, feature Providers


  • Service: share photos of completed projects, before and after photos, offer discounts, post “How to” videos or blogs, share schedule openings, gather and share reviews, feature technicians or staff members, introduce new technology in your field


  • Education: feature classes or programs, drive enrollment, feature professors, feature successful alumni, invite people to events, feature photos of classrooms or campus, rally fans, feature “in the news”


Bottom line: social media is time-consuming, and to some of you it’s foreign, but it’s so important and so valuable!

Don’t ignore it. If you don’t have time to manage it, we can help.  Contact Us.


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