“The New Norm”

While many of us would love to sip on a beer and solve the world’s problems in a bar where everybody knows our name, we have to work.  Through a global pandemic.  Mostly from home.

And there are a few things that have become crystal clear:

COVID isn’t going anywhere fast.   We all need to find a way to stay afloat.   Our way of life has changed.

Meet “The New Norm”.

It’s time to stop thinking about how long this is going to last and how we’re “going to get through it”.  We need to start working under the new rules.  We need to accept The New Norm.

The reality is that because of technology, our world has never been better poised for a global pandemic, and as a result, marketing is becoming fun again.  Here are some of the positives emerging from the pandemic:

  • Content is king Take advantage of the fact that people are consuming content at an unprecedented level.  Blogs, podcasts, Youtube content, even Tik Tok are getting more eyeballs than ever.  How can you contribute to the conversation?
  • Kindness and community are rewarded.  This is bringing communities together.  People want to help their neighbors.  Lend a hand, tell people how you can help.  Pay it forward and you’ll be rewarded.
  • You’ve got some great free tools.  Social media allows you to share all kinds of information for free.  How has your business adapted through this?  Embrace those changes, improve upon them, and share, share, share.

This New Norm is pretty cool.  Give him a chance, you’ll be glad you did.  Cheers!