Case Study:  Silko Honda

One of our automotive clients came to us looking to emphasize some ways that they have changed their sales and service processes to create an easier car buying experience for their customers.  Obviously, we agree this is a great point of differentiation in the commodity-like world of automotive.

The challenge:

The dealer’s marketing is 100% digital.

How do you brand a business and tell a unique story using digital marketing?  Best case scenario you have some display ads, pay per click ads, and social media ads.  None of which allow for much text.  We had a lot to say and very little opportunity to say it.

Our solution:

Anchor the campaign with a video that tells the story.  A video gives us total control of the messaging and visuals.  Our video message ties to a thread and their branding: “Total car buying Zen.  Nirvana.  Go Simple.  Go Silko.”

Using digital we then tell that story in little pieces across all channels:

Landing page – describing how they make car buying easy and show video.





Display and retargeting ads – using visuals from the video and landing page.






  Facebook Awareness ads, that auto-plays the video in feed for maximum exposure.

Social media posts – explain individually each way that they make car buying easy. 1 post per point.

All assets have synergy with the visuals used in the video.

We can soon take this one step further by using in-store signage, email signatures, even on hold messaging.

The lesson:  Digital marketing is great for tracking and cost efficiency.  However, branding is still important, and hard to do with digital alone.  A well-organized campaign that’s anchored to your unique sales proposition will go a lot further than digital alone.


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