Charlie Baker just rolled out a Phased Reopening Plan, a tiered approach to reopening MA with specific guidelines.

So, let’s talk about how to appropriately approach marketing, communications, and advertising as we transition through the reopening phases.  We have identified messaging strategies based on the 3 Phases of Recovery:  Declining Threat, Transition, and Revenue Generation.  Obviously, it wouldn’t be appropriate to push out sales (revenue generation) messaging as we are just beginning to cautiously reopen.  Thus, 3 Phases of messaging strategy.

Let’s look at these along-side of Baker’s Reopening plan.  Each Phase of the MA reopening plan is projected to last a minimum of 3 weeks.  The messaging strategy your business should initiate will depend on the type of business you are in, and where you fall in the reopening strategy.  Follow along chart 1 to find where your business falls on the reopening plan.


Here are some basic guidelines:

Declining Threat:  You are waiting to reopen your business, but the threat of the crisis is subsiding.  Many of us fall into this category right now.

Transition:  2-3 weeks prior to reopening, begin Transition phase messaging.  This will create a sense of security.  For those businesses that will be reopening this month, transition messaging is appropriate.

Revenue Generation: If you are among the business that reopened in Phase 1 or 2, do not begin revenue generation messaging until the state as a whole is in Phase 3 and 4:  Vigilant/New Normal.  When some businesses are still on restriction, that means there is still a threat.  Thus, transition messaging, acknowledging what you are doing to keep your customers safe, is still the most appropriate messaging.  Once we are into Phase 3 and 4, life is going to be feeling a lot more like the “new normal”, thus people will be more open to hearing a more traditional marketing message.











Chart 1: MA Phased Approach to Reopening:

Phase 1: Start May 18 and 25


Gatherings still restricted to <10, safer at home. Some healthcare, essential businesses, manufacturing, construction, office space, lab space, limited personal services open.   Worship open, outdoor services encouraged.  Beaches and parks open
Phase 2:  Cautious Date TBD


Retail, Restaurants, Lodging campgrounds and athletic fields open with guidelines. Gatherings: TBD.  Additional personal services opening with restrictions
Phase 3:  Vigilant


Date TBD


Bars, gyms, museums, all business activities resume except large venues and nightclubs
Phase 4:  New Normal


Date TBD


Full resumption of activities under “new normal”