Prescription for Ailing Marketing: Cohesion Marketing Partners launch Healthcare Marketing Division. 

In recognition of their extensive success and experience in helping healthcare clients, Cohesion Marketing Partners, based in Marshfield, MA, has launched a Healthcare Marketing Division. The new division will offer an outsourced, team-based marketing solution to medical practices and hospital systems throughout New England to deliver a full range of marketing services.

Jennifer Anderson, CEO of Cohesion Marketing Partners, notes “We all know that the New England healthcare community are great healers and do transformative work.  We also know that marketing has changed dramatically in recent years.  It’s more hands on and requires a level of expertise that many organizations just don’t have in house.  Thus, they are finding it challenging to attract and retain new patients, who are often millennials and highly digitally focused.  Our new Healthcare Marketing Division augments any marketing department or personnel by delivering an outsourced marketing team.  We ensure consistent message delivery via the right channels to promote healthy growth for an organization.”

Anderson continued, “We earned our medical marketing degree with healthcare clients like PhysicianOne Urgent Care, Boston Sports Medicine, Rocket Medical, Shields Healthcare Group, and many, many pediatric practices throughout MA. With this new division, we can effectively take that experience and help more medical organizations grow.”

Cohesion Marketing Partners services include Marketing Consulting, Brand Development, Website Design and Development, Social Media Consulting, Graphic Design, Advertising, Email Marketing, and Video Production.