At a time of closings, layoffs, and pay cuts, we have a client who saw another way.  He turned to us to execute on his plan, and we immediately put our whole team to work.  The result:

“There will be no layoffs this week.  There will be no salary reduction
this week.”

Here’s the letter owner Dr. Mike Velsmid sent to us and the staff at Boston Sports Medicine on Friday, March 27:


We sounded the alarm last Friday (3/13) to CONVERT TO TELEHEALTH with intel that
we would be under a “Stay at Home Order” and it came true on Tuesday (3/25).  So
far, we have been able to stay a step ahead.  Caseload looks good
considering everything that has been thrown at us.

We rapidly developed and deployed telehealth at the first sign of trouble.
That kept us ahead of expected cancellations and a path to continue our

This week we coordinated with our amazing digital, online, and video
marketing team to convert all of our ads to promote telehealth,
renegotiating all our buys to run more ads, and even picked up some
freebies.  Many thanks to Jenn, Glenn, Kevin, Denise, and Kevin.  Without
that messaging, we would not have been able to backfill discharges with
new patients.  New patients kept calling.  We need to see more of that.

We launched a massive grassroots marketing campaign this week with email
and social media.   We knew that the existing market in our usual radius would not net enough volume to sustain us.  

So, we cast a giant net beyond our reach with grassroots marketing and it seems to be working.

As I look at the caseload this week, I conclude that our unique and bold
approach is winning.  I think I started my frequent emails over a week ago
saying that in a crisis, you truly get to know what people are made of. 
We have proven that we are the leaders in physical therapy, Boston’s best
Physical Therapists, and the most committed Physical Therapists and
support staff in private practice.  

 There will be no layoffs this week.  There will be no salary reduction
this week.
 Keep focusing on providing the best experience to your

patients, getting the message out on your personal networks and through
your patients, and building caseload.  We are not out of the woods yet,
but we are getting through this and I will continue to work tirelessly to
preserve the oasis for patients and staff that we created.

Keep happy and healthy.  Have a beautiful weekend.