Mission to Manifesto 

Build Your Power Brand and Grow Your Organization 

Written by – Laura Willis, CMO 

In last month’s blog we described the power in getting to the CORE of your brand. An important element of building your power brand is torevolutionize your message and imagery”.  To do this, you need to create a manifesto.  

WHAT exactly is a manifesto and WHY do you need one?  

A manifesto is a clear and public declaration of purpose, motive and intent. 

It’s essentially an expression of your “why”, which creates a strong foundation on which to build your power brand.  

 “But I have a mission statement”.  A mission statement is a good start, but it can often be so structured and limiting that there’s no personality left.  The consumer won’t get a true sense of your culture and what you stand for from your mission statement alone. 


A manifesto gives your organization a clear voice and a platform to stand on and build from – think of it as your soapbox. It’s integrated into all aspects of your organization – from your culture to your marketing. It’s a written representation of who you are at the CORE. If done right, you will be able to make business decisions and set goals from your manifesto.  This is what your audience connects with, which leads to brand loyalty. 


Characteristics of a manifesto: 

  • Creates a strong foundation for your business
  • It gives your brand a voice and personality
  • It is authentic – the truth of why the organization exists 
  • It should inspire and attract at the same time 
  • Helps your audience to connect with your principals on an emotional level 


Connect with your audience, establish a clear personality, inspire and attract.  Can you see how a manifesto can be so very POWERFUL? 


How do you build one?  

The elements for your manifesto come from your CORE brand that was outlined in our CORE blog, including: 

  • Vision
  • Mission/positioning
  • Core Values
  • Beliefs & Philosophy
  • Benefits to others 
  • Understanding what this means to your audience
  • How you follow through on your promise/mission


How do you use a manifesto?  

The best way to use a manifesto, in its raw form, is behind the scenes. It’s not necessarily meant to share outside of the organization.  However, we use elements from the manifesto: 

  • In copy for our clients’ web sites, in collateral materials and in advertising.  
  • The ideas, voice and concepts of the manifesto should also be used throughout your social media to build a stronger connection to your audience – to inspire and attract them to your brand through your message, reinforced constantly. 


Developing a manifesto is a process, but in the end when you develop one in a strategic and cohesive manner, your organization will be positioned for growth with unlimited potential!   

If you would like us to guide your organization through our C.O.R.E. branding process and maximize your potential, please reach out!