Ever play Jenga?  The goal is to destabilize the foundation to sabotage your fellow players, and NOT be the one that topples the whole tower over.  The foundation is key.  If it’s solid, you can pull pieces from the tower and it generally remains stable.    But if you pull pieces from the bottom – the foundation – it’s going down!

It’s the same with marketing.  The Foundation is the keyIf your marketing isn’t generating the Return on Investment (ROI) you need, look at the foundation.  Or, let us look at it.  Are all the pieces in place?  Are they working together to stabilize the message?  Is it built with the right materials?

When we start a marketing engagement with any new client, we start by analyzing their Foundation.  We often deconstruct the whole sales and marketing system in order to identify the weak points and disconnects.  Then, we rebuild that Foundation so it’s ROCK SOLID.  From there, the marketing strategy and execution is easy, and the results are consistent and reliable.

Oh, and we do this by putting a TEAM in place for a fraction of the cost of one employee.  How is your foundation?  Need help?  Let’s talk.