This weekend I started seeing the opt-in requests from apps on my Apple device.  The requests are coming from apps that I had previously downloaded and frequently used.  So that answers the first question of “How will this affect apps I already use?”

The first opt-in is positioned as giving the user control of ad tracking. It positions ad tracking as the way a device serves “relevant ads” through an anonymous identifier.  It then clarifies again that this will not change the number of ads a user sees, only the relevance of the ads.

The second opt-in reinforces the choice the user has made, again reinforcing the relevance of the ads.

I like the way Apple did this.  It provides the user control of tracking without positioning the advertiser as the bad guy.  If we’re going to have to see ads, why not make them more relevant?  How people respond to these options remains to be seen.  We will keep you informed as the data comes in!