One of our clients is a group of 5 practices providing dental, pediatric dental, and orthodontist services in the Metro West area. While we manage each office individually, we also occasionally have to tie them together for marketing.   To do this, we built a website and brand for them:, and identify the practices as “A member of the family of dentists”. This “umbrella” allows us to take advantage of some larger marketing opportunities.

In 2018 we set 3 Priorities for their marketing:

1 – Improve organic search rankings

2 – Improve the number and quality of online reviews

3 – Get their social media channels fully functional and improve their presence on social

The Results?

1 – SEO.  90% improvement (and going…)

We engaged an SEO partner from our proven eco-system. We identified 50 keywords and set out to get page 1 search results for all 50 words.

Day 1: 22 keywords were on page 1

10 months later: 42 are on page 1

2 – Online Reviews. 275% increase in reviews!

 We created an internal system for reminding patients to post reviews; and tied them into an automated review request platform, which took the onus off their front desk staff. As a result, they have received an additional 28 Google reviews and 31 Facebook reviews.  Their average reviews rating is well above 4.5 stars across the board, which improves their quality score in search and, more importantly, in the minds of new potential patients!

3 – Social.  Their social content is more consistent, relevant, robust, and page followers are on the rise.

Social media needs to be an active conversation with existing and potential customers. It needs to be the voice of the practice. It also needs to be consistent. We gathered passwords, linked accounts, updated profiles, and created a content strategy and calendar. We create new content each month with custom graphics based on feedback from each location for a robust content strategy that’s synergistic with each location’s culture.




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