I tell my clients all the time, “This isn’t Field of Dreams with If you build it they will come”.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.  You have to tell people you’re there.  And, give them good reason to do business with you.  The good news with all of the digital marketing tools out there is that confusing as they may seem, they provide a tremendous opportunity to build a pipeline for low to no cost.  Never before has there been so much opportunity to connect with customers on a short budget.


Putting these lead gen tools into place allows you to capture customers in every stage of the buying cycle, and continually deliver messaging to them. For example…

Scenario 1:  A Customer searches for your product/service and clicks through to your website

  1. You have pixeled your website so later, they see ads for your business served on other websites that they visit (retargeting)
  2. You had a Facebook pixel on your website, so now they are seeing ads for your business on Facebook and Instagram as well. These ads have a form with a CTA (lead ads)
  3. They fill out the form and are now on your email marketing list, so you can continue to deliver marketing messaging to them.

Scenario 2:  A Customer signs up for your email marketing list

  1. You add your email marketing list to Facebook to deliver lead ads via Facebook and Instagram
  2. Facebook uses the email marketing list to create a bigger audience of “look-alikes” – people who match the qualities, characteristics, and habits of those on your email list.
  3. You market to them via email, with special offers for subscribers.

Scenario 3:  A Customer sees an awareness ad on Facebook and clicks through to your website

  • You have pixeled your website so later, they see ads for your business served on other websites that they visit (retargeting)
  • Your website has CTA forms on key pages to convert the visitor to a lead.Free tools for lead generation (direct to consumer) social tools blog graphic 1 1024x622

Your social media and email communications need to lead the customer toward a purchase.  You have to make your business the one they Know, Like and Trust.  Thus, the success of a marketing strategy is heavily dependent on the content itself.  If you need help crafting and managing a content strategy, contact us.

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