Website rebuild, email newsletter and social media management

At a time when church attendance across the country is declining, Faith Community Church set a goal to GROW. In order to do that, they needed to attract new parishioners. They came to us with knowledge of a few key facts:

Rapidly growing churches :

  • Prioritize connecting with Millenials
  • Plan their calendar at least 3 months out
  • Budget > 3% for marketing
  • Share photos
  • Have an active social media presence
  • Have positive reviews on Google
  • Have a Brand for communications

Why would a church be different from any other business in 2018? They needed to modernize their communications and connect with young people in order to grow their congregation. They turned to Cohesion Marketing Partners to help.

We found that they had multiple social media accounts, mostly inactive, and managed by several people. The effort was inconsistent and disjointed. Their website was outdated and not mobile-friendly, and they didn’t have a way to communicate with their parishioners in a timely manner, or relay information through the channels people interact with most.

We got to work.

  • We wrote content, designed, and rebuilt their website into a mobile responsive site that allows them to post updates in real-time, internally, and without having to go to a web developer.
  • We secured a platform that allows them to share their weekly sermons online via website, email, social media, or text messaging.
  • Our partner Viamark Video produced a series of videos to highlight some of the families that make the church so unique, and we posted those videos to their home page
  • We created an email newsletter that they Pastor sends out weekly as a reinforcement of that Sunday’s sermon
  • We narrowed down their Facebook and Instagram accounts, consolidated logins, updated the profiles to incorporate their logos, and trained church leadership on proper use and standards for social media
  • We set up a Google calendar and integrated it into their website so that church leaders can make updates, and parishioners can get information on meetings, FaithGroups, and events at each location.

All of these efforts have resulted in parishioners getting information on their terms, in real-time. Our goal was to be there for anyone looking for a new church, in a non-threatening way. They have made it easier for people to get information on their own terms.

The result? A full parking lot every Sunday and an almost immediate increase in donations of more than 25%.


Here’s what Pastor Stan Cushing has to say about the experience:

Cohesion has been a game changer for Faith Community Church.  We went from not knowing what to do with social media to our social media posts now being seen by THOUSANDS of people!  They also helped us completely redesign our website.  They listened to us, designed an amazing website, kept us informed of the status of our redesign, were extremely easy to work with, and stayed under budget!  I cannot say enough about how happy our church leaders are with Cohesion.  We worked directly with Jenn and I can’t imagine anyone showing more enthusiasm for our mission than she did during the entire process.  Cohesion is creative, professional, and cares deeply about their clients!”



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