When we began working with Dr. Nadia Diab-Shamari and her partners in 2016, we were tasked with growing patient numbers for 3 Pediatric Dental practices and 2 General Dentistry practices in the metrowest area of Boston.  Each practice had a different name, logo, website, and operations team.   Each location was unique; and took great care to reflect the individual community it served.  All went well, but we knew we could do more if we could leverage strength in numbers and combine their budgets to market the group as a whole.

First, we had to improve each practice’s individual foundation– by building out Google business listings and increasing reviews.

We also built out and expanded their social media presence to establish each practice as a reputable and recognized member of their community.

In 2020, the group created Pear Align and added it to their portfolio.  Pear Align is a brand of clear plastic aligners available at all 5 locations, and expansion was in the works.  They bought out another orthodontic practice, adding a 6th name to the group.  Now we had to market 6 entities and a brand, efficiently.  It was time to make a move, and BrushFloss.com was built.  COVID slowdowns provided the perfect opportunity for Nadia and her colleagues to dedicate to this very big effort.


We built BrushFloss.com to:

  • Create an overarching brand for the group
  • Provide efficiencies for operations – all forms, blogs, and analytics are in one place
  • Allow patients to choose a practice near them, and leverage this multi-location model to demonstrate that they provide superior service and expertise
  • Create a primary landing site for all digital marketing, allowing us to combine 5 budgets into one and build out solid and diverse marketing campaigns.


The Results:

  • The new site launched in October 2020
  • There is now synergy across all the locations
  • All individual GMB listings drive to the page for that location
  • All phone numbers are click to call
  • All social media links are in one place
  • Each location page features a video about that individual practice
  • Patients can click one button to make an appointment or download forms, then select their location

Check out BrushFloss.com!  This site couldn’t have come together better, and we look forward to launching marketing campaigns and taking advantage of all that it allows.  Stay tuned as we continue this journey and report back results!