NEWIN – The Northeast Water Innovation Network, is a non-profit member-driven organization focused on driving innovation in the water industry.  Their goal is to support members through educational and networking opportunities, generate awareness of new concepts and products through “Pitch nights”, and continually drive further innovation in their space.

They came to us to fill 2 important needs:

1 – Consolidate and clean up their multiple databases in order to create a database that will allow them to better communicate with current members and reach out to potential new members.

2 – Develop a marketing and communications strategy that will allow them to send out communications in a timely manner which will allow them to:

  • Grow event attendance
  • Increase paid ticket sales for events
  • Plan events with an ROI in mind
  • Increase memberships
  • Grow sponsorship revenue

The results:

We took 16 databases consisting of 6,000 entries and mismatched data fields, cross-referenced, matched fields, and de-duped data to create a 2500 contact usable database that allows us to target by membership status, industry, company and job title. 

We have an annual calendar of events and a marketing strategy for event marketing

We have a quarterly newsletter calendar and act as point of contact for content contributors.


In short, NEWIN now has a marketing partner that has their back.  We are able to act proactively and are confident that our efforts and planning will result in increased revenue in year one.



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