6 things your website NEEDS to generate LEADS

So, you’re running PPC or paid social media ads.  Congratulations!  How are those ads going to generate customers, patients, or clients for you?  There are a few small steps that are often neglected but can make a BIG difference in how those ads generate leads.

  1. Clickable phone numbers

Chances are over 60% of your site traffic is coming from mobile devices.  These people are on the move and seeking simplicity. Don’t make them write down your phone number, they won’t. 

Action items: 

  • Review your site on a cell phone. Make sure all phone numbers and emails are click to call
  • Bonus points: Add trackable phone numbers to PPC campaigns so that at month end you can measure calls from SEM
  1. Content that delivers

Keep in mind that Google’s primary goal is to provide the user with exactly the information they are looking for.  Therefore, they have a system of assigning a Quality Score to Google Ads.  The ad’s Landing Page and the Ad relevance are both important contributors to the overall quality score.  Simply put, you have to make sure the landing page for your ads contains the information the searcher is looking for when they see your ads.  For example:  If you are pediatrician seeking new parents who are looking for a pediatrician, make sure the Ad lands on a page of your site that has (for example) information about what new parents should look for when searching for a pediatrician.

Action items:

  • Review landing pages for paid search campaigns
  • Update content on landing pages with Ad relevance in mind
  • Bonus points: Use utm codes to track traffic to those pages in analytics.  UTM code creator tool
  1. Lead forms

OK so they clicked on your ad and landed on the page with the information they were looking for.  Now you need to know who they are, so that you can continue to market to them.  You need data:  name and email at a minimum.  What can you offer in exchange for that data?  Common incentives include a: coupon, complimentary service, introductory offer, or white paper.  Think about what you can do with the data.  Collect their birthday month and you can send them a coupon for their birthday.  If you know their hometown you can email them to boost business in a specific area.

Action items:

  • Decide on what you can do to incentivize users to provide data
  • Decide what data you need and what you would do with it
  • Create a lead form on your site
  • Add data to a CRM or excel doc for future marketing purposes
  1. Retargeting pixel

Maybe that user came to your site from a PPC, Native, or Social Ad. Great!  They are in-market, it’s Go Time!  Stay on their radar with retargeting ads.  Placing a retargeting pixel on your site allows you to serve follow-up ads to these people with a defined message or offer, for a defined amount of time, or a defined number of times.  Remember that pair of shoes you saw online? They followed you around for weeks, didn’t they?

Action item:

  • Add retargeting pixels to your site
  • Create ads to serve to this audience
  1. Facebook pixel

Facebook allows you to take pixels one step further by creating “look-alike” audiences.  For example: You sell Grady White boats.  A 40-year-old male (Dan) from Duxbury is shopping for a boat and clicks on a Facebook ad for a boat. Facebook then finds other men who are similar to Dan in terms of age, geo, and online behavior (i.e. boat shopping), and creates a new “look alike” audience. This expands your audience and it’s fine tuned to your target market.

Action item:

  • Add Facebook pixel to your site
  1. Video

Video content is no longer nice to have, it’s something you need to have. Well produced video content increases the time spent on your site, increases conversions, and generates results.  A strong video is a 24/7 salesperson that can explain your product or service and inspire the viewer to move forward.  Cut back on text content and add video and you will see increases in conversions!

Action item:

  • Check out our friends at Viamark Video to see what they can do for you.


Download our Action Item checklist here:   Checklist – Action items!