All About The Suburb Of Pembroke, Massachusetts

Pembroke, MA. History

Pembroke, MA. is a historic town in Plymouth County and a South Shore suburb of Boston located about halfway between Boston and Cape Cod. It is a total of 23.5 square miles and can be divided into 3 sections: Mayflower Grove, North Pembroke, and East Pembroke. In 2017, the population was 18,897. Pembroke was originally incorporated as a separate town in 1712 and currently has an open town meeting format of government, with a five-member Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator.

Pembroke, MA. Today

Pembroke, MA. has traditionally been an agricultural and industrial community, but since WorldWar II has become primarily a residential community, providing housing for its residents that work in the greater Boston metropolitan area. From about the 1950s until the present, Pembroke has experienced a huge amount of growth, increasing the population many times over. The town has grown from a small rural community into a bustling suburban community.   

Healthcare Top Industry In Pembroke, MA.

Probably the largest industry in Pembroke, MA. is the healthcare industry, as they employ the largest number of people and have the most health-related facilities in the small-town setting of Pembroke. Pembroke Hospital and Eye Health Services are in the top 2 out of 3 spots, and Home Instead Senior Care and Pembroke Senior Housing, two local nursing homes, take two more of the top 10 spots. Many residents commute to work in Boston, from here, as well.

Shopping In Pembroke, MA.

The small town of Pembroke, MA. accommodates many of its residents with strip malls like the RK North River Plaza, with the high volume Super Stop & Shop, Kohl’s and Staples. There are many other stores there including a GNC, Great Clips, Dollar Tree, Subway and even a place to get your nails done. If you can’t find what you need there, hop over to the RK property Pembroke Square, where you’ll find a Lowe’s, Mattress Firm, Panera Bread, Taco Bell, Friendly’s Restaurant, Ninety Nine Restaurant, Anytime Fitness Center and more. Both of these great places are located on Church Street, off Route 139. There are many coffee shops in Pembroke as well, located all over the town.

Other Facts And Statistics For Pembroke, MA.

In Pembroke, MA. most residents own their own homes, at 86%, and the average home is valued at $382,700. Houses currently on the market, however, range from about $400,000 to $700,000. Residents here are well above the national average income level, with the median household income coming in at $103,920, making it an affluent group. There is very little crime in Pembroke, with no murders or robberies each year at all, and a low level of other crimes. It is a tight-knit community where people all know their neighbors, and say hello when they see each other. 47% of the population is over 45 years of age, and 32% are aged 18-44. And as far as education goes, this town staggers the charts at 66% of the population having some kind of college education, from an Associate’s degree to a Master’s. Overall, Pembroke, MA. is a wonderful place to live.